Buy A New Mazda6, Get A Potted Plant?

Image Source - Motor Trend
Image Source – Motor Trend

It is a nice and appreciative gesture when your automaker sends you gifts as rewards or acknowledgement for being a customer. It shows that they care about who they’re selling to and value your business. Automakers have always had some interesting quirks, whether it’s the flower vase in VW Beetles, the MINI Starter Kit, the BMW USB drives, Audi Pasta (yes, really gourmet pasta), and usually, those gifts correspond in some way shape or form to the car or market they sell to. The flower vase in the Beetle for example may have just been a nice touch that became a historical icon that continues today. The Audi Pasta makes sense when you think about it; a premium brand serving high quality gourmet food in nice tableware.

Source - Liquidsilver6 on
Source – Liquidsilver6 on

Mazda decided to follow suit, except this time, they’ve put everyone onto a guessing game called “what’s the reasoning?”. With the new third generation Mazda 6, new owners are receiving a call, and then receiving potted plants through 1-800-Flowers, ranging from normal varieties of houseplants to special and varying types of Bonsai trees. The plants come with special individually addressed cards with notes from either Mazda HQ or dealer sales representative.

Source - user Bourne2Drive on
Source – user Bourne2Drive on

According to a thread on the forum, most owners appreciate the gesture, and many are also trying to figure out exactly what it means. It could be a simple gift, bringing to mind the Lexus Commitment, which is to “treat every customer as a guest in our own home.”Or it could have some special meaning, perhaps relating the eco-friendliness of the SkyActiv engine, and/or how efficient it is. Some users on the forum have taken to calling it the money tree, possibly in relation to how much money the car will save with the efficient engine. Tell me what you think it is in the comments.


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