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It’s been a while since I posted something lifestyle related. (Well technically everything about cars here is lifestyle related.) A long while ago while exploring the wild wide world of the internet, I found something that slightly blew my mind called Magnic Light. Essentially, it was a revolutionary dynamo powered bike light that made no contact with the wheel. For those of you with two wheeled vehicles sitting on racks on top of your stance machine, this would be killer.


Now I don’t fall for most new inventions easily, looking at how realistic they are, how well they are designed, and how well they are made. This made the cut. So I followed it’s progress, and I’m pleased to hear from inventor Dirk Strothmann in Germany that the product has surpassed its Kickstarter goal and has been redesigned and improved, and has been awarded the ISPO Brandnew Award from ISPO Munich in the bike parts category, and will be presented at ISPO BIKE in Munich in about three weeks.


Some of the updates to the already sleek and impressive design;

“- dynamo lights became light and small and more efficient (from 140 g prototpye to 58g final version)
– we found a new mechanism to adapt the lights to nearly all kind of bicycles with 4 different adapter types
– we replaced one front light by two front lights to improve quality and power (and added this as an extra to the Kickstarter backers).”


For more information and to purchase, click


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