First BMW Four Cylinder Diesel Ever In The U.S. – 2014 BMW 328d

BMW-320d-xDrive-Touring-Euro-Spec-front-side-view-1024x640This is exciting. Diesel is an emerging trend for passenger cars in the U.S., and I firsthand know what it’s like to be on the bandwagon, with my father purchasing a new Jetta TDI with a manual gearbox for the same reasons many other American’s are starting to realize; they’re really clean, easier to fathom than a hybrid, and even though diesel may be more expensive, the amount of time in between the pumps compared to any gasoline counterpart is ludicrous. Fuel efficiency is an understatement.

VW and Audi have largely paved the way for diesel in the U.S., making other brands perk their ears up at the success to be  had. Of course, if you’re BMW, that means you start with a 335d. That however hasn’t done so well. While  a brilliant car, the price tag was off-putting, and the car was removed from the model lineup in 2011. Realizing their mistake, the car maker has now brought over diesel engines into their other models, mainly SUV’s, which have been doing well. But none in the U.S. have ever been this small; now for the first time ever, a four-cylinder oil burner from BMW is ready to become a naturalized citizen in the 328d.

BMW-320d-xDrive-Touring-Euro-Spec-rear-side-view-1024x640A two liter TwinPower turbocharged and direct injected power plant will churn out 180 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, allowing the 328d to haul to sixty in just over seven seconds. And it will be a comfortable haul to sixty, because every other option available on a gasoline 3 series will be offered, including all-wheel-drive (cue bigger grin), with the exception of a manual gear box (decrease size of facial expression if that was what you were hoping for while reading.)

BMW hasn’t released much more information about specific fuel economy, but one could guess at mid 30’s for city driving, and reports have given up to 48 mpg on the highway. All this should start at under $40,000 when the car goes on sale later this year.


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