What You Need To Know About The 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed

bentley-releases-full-performance-specs-for-continental-gt-speed-48553-7Bentley. What immediately comes to mind when that name is brought up? Most likely the Continental GT of course. As an all around exclusive luxury coupe, it checks all the boxes. It’s exclusive, you will get noticed in it, but you get the right type of attention. It isn’t shouty like a Lamborghini that’s covered in one of the Skittle’s colours. It exudes a very serious message of “I have wealth, I have taste, my shirt is tucked in, I still like things that go ludicrously fast, and I appreciate my sports cars with correct English refinement.”

But sometimes you want a bit more than just, refined English car with a big “I mean business not for little boys” engine. So instead of getting the regular Continental GT, which now has a far more efficient, and lighter V8 engine from Audi (Bentley’s parent company is VW.) you get the Continental GT Speed. A car that just so happens to be the fastest Bentley ever made.

Once all 12 cylinders in the twin turbocharged W12 engine are boosted, 616 bhp will happily rocket you to a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h). 616 bhp is also good for a healthy 50 bhp increase over the standard Continental GT, and a 74 lb-ft gain. Now look at your clock. Wait nine seconds. That’s the time it takes to get to 100 mph. And it does it without breaking a sweat. Why? Because it’s British, and it’s stout. And also because it has a lowered and self leveling adaptive sport suspension, for confidence when you need it, and comfort when you don’t.

However, unlike other fast cars, like the Bugatti Veyron for instance, which can run out of fuel in a matter of minutes when run at top speed (you would too if you had 16 cylinders.), the new GT Speed gets a 12% increase in fuel economy, staying steady at 19-20 mpg.

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