BMW Sends The New F30 3 Series To India, Has A Dusty Arrival

2012-f30-bmw-3-series-launched-in-india-47793-7India’s car market is slowly and steadily improving, with better cars like the new F30 3 series from BMW being introduced. BMW India will offer the car with just two engine choices; the new 2.0 liter BMW Twinpower Turbo, with high precision direct injection, and BMW’s variable valve timing (VANOS), producing 245 bhp, and 258 lb-ft of torque, and a hardly useable on India’s manic roads 155 mph limited top speed. Or you can have the 320d 2.0 liter turbo diesel, churning out 184 bhp and stump pulling torque. It’s likely that the latter will sell better in India.

You’d expect a great new car like this to have a nice arrival then, looking something like in the picture above. Nope. Here’s a 320d sitting at the Mumbai port, with a tow hitch on its rear end, surrounded by a bunch of Mahindra trucks.


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