BMW Wrings Out The New M3 In Death Valley

As much as we might dislike the people who drive Bayerische Motorwerken Products at times (being a chav in one seems to be a global phenomenon.) we cannot deny that the car and company itself is brilliant. BMW knows that even a fire-breathing example of its product lineup must perform in all situations, and no one quite tests like the Germans. It may be brutal, but its the reason why you can rest assured that it’s highly unlikely to fail, even in the murderous heat of Death Valley, California.

And so we give you, the 2014 BMW M3, doing the rounds. Compared to the sleek curves of the current model, the 2014 version adds a pinch of sharpness, and a dollop of muscle. The new bonnet has a significant bulge to tell the world that this one has spent more time at the gym than a normal 3 series. That combined with the large intakes in the front bumper, and enormous drilled rotors let the world know that there’s something unique about the nuclear power station underneath. It’s turbocharged. And it will boost a total of six cylinders. Gone is the V8, and in its place is a most likely lighter, more efficient mill. But don’t worry, power figures are expected to be heading North.


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