Matt Hansens 240SX Hatch Build – The Torque Post Covers The Build

The car pictured here is not perfect. Actually, it’s very, very far, Mars distance from the Earth, far from perfect. The frame has over two hundred thousand miles on it. It was purchased with so many fake parts it could showcase for a factory in China. The previous owner decided he would spray paint the entire engine bay in silver without removing anything first as his way of “shaving” the bay (we’re still trying to figure that one out.)

This is exactly why we decided to feature this car. Local talent is usually hard to find, a lot like gold. You need to be some type of automotive leprechaun to find the cars that are hiding in garages, just a few miles away, in quiet suburban neighborhoods. In this case, according to the definition of supply and demand, local talent should be extremely valuable. Gold doesn’t have a giant neon sign saying “I’m here!”. You have to mine for it. Matt Hansen is doing the mining, the purifying, and the polishing, and his 240SX will be far from a loose nugget when he’s done with it.

When Matt purchased the car, the shell cost $3,800 dollars, and had a great-grandfather status 201,000 miles on it. The entire car was poorly primered with enough overspray to pass as a vandalized vehicle. The Apexi exhaust refused to fit properly, and the driver’s side hub was held on with bolts from the hardware store. The body kit is a fake BN Sports kit, covering a knockoff  CX racing intercooler. There was no interior to speak of, and quite frankly, no floor to speak of either, because rust had moved in. The car was in need of desperate help if it was going to be saved.

Of course, the car is in good hands. Two other shells sit in Matt’s driveway, one being built for a customer, and one being traded for an R32 Skyline GTR. The garage of this suburban home in a quiet neighborhood is the equivalent of a Nissan gold mine. Race motors, transmissions, computers, boxes and bins full of parts, turbochargers, and anything designed to fit a Nissan S or SX chassis call Matt’s house home.


Thus far, Matt has worked on the engine bay only mildly. The car is capable of supporting nearly 500 bhp, with CP pistons, Eagle rods, Nismo head gaskets, ACL race main and rod bearings, HKS camshafts, an HKS exhaust manifold, Tomei dump pipe, and 550cc injectors. All of this is done to keep boosting the HKS GT25 turbo. A Power FC is on the parts list to keep the boosting under control.

Matt intends to replace the ancient and blown Tein coilovers that came with the car with a set from Powered by Max Japan (PBM), as well as PBM suspension arms, PBM solid subframe bushings, PBM steering knuckles, rear drop knuckles, and a PBM hydro e-brake with a second Willwood caliper for the emergency brake. PBM, if you’re reading this, we think he deserves a sponsorship.

A full interior now resides, with a classic and ultra rare set of Dmax floor mats. The 350Z seats will be sold and replaced with a set of Bride Vios 3 low max seats with Bride seat rails. The car actually had an automatic transmission prior, and eventually a pedal set will replace the current cut pedals.


The wooden steering wheel may seem very photogenic, but this car is intended to be a daily driven drifter, and it transmits vibrations from the solidly mounted SR20 horrifically. In its place will be a Nardi Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel with a Works Bell quick release. The Tomei shift knob will stay. A Cusco roll cage will soon keep everything solid during sideways action.

For some reason, the previous owner decided to paint the engine bay the colors of a training shoe. Matt hopes to correct this with a clean shade of Nissan red, polished pipes, and a polished or wrinkle red valve cover. This gold nugget will have its ill fitting body kit removed, and an original Nissan 240SX kit all around will sit just inches above the ground, covered in a new shade of Nissan red. A set of new Raybrig headlights will illuminate everything flying by at night.

As you read this, the Work Emotion XT7 wheels have now been put on the car, a custom heat shield for the brake master cylinder with gold wrap for its superior heat reflection ability has been made, and a very unique Isis exhaust has been fabricated to fit, channeling the exhaust all the way from the Tomei dump pipe out through four inch tips into the atmosphere.

There is far more to come on this car that quietly sits in its suburban New York neighborhood, being put together part by part, so stay tuned, because The Torque Post will be following its progress all the way.

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