The 2013 Mazda6 Is Revealed! Zoom Zoom From SKYACTIV

Just yesterday, a Bunch of Russians leaked an official photo of the front of the new Mazda6. Mazda wasn’t going to be outdone by a bunch of Russians. So they officially released four complete shots. No more teasers. This is it.

The car will officially debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon next month, and the display car will carry the SKYACTIV G 2.0 gasoline engine and SKYACTIV- Drive six speed automatic transmission, a pretty bold underline to point out that this car will be the second Mazda model to have a complete SKYACTIV drivetrain.

The i-ELOOP system will also be in the car, coming directly from the Takeri concept. i-ELOOP (Intelligent Energy Loop) recovers energy from braking, and uses it to power all the electronics and accessories in the car, allowing 100% of engine power to go to the wheels, and improving fuel economy by 10%.

There isn’t exact word on what engine the U.S. market will get, other than the fact that it is of course SKYACTIV. But there is something that most people are sure of; Mazda has just turned the family sedan game intensity up a notch. Or three.

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