It’s Been Far Too Long – What I Think Is Back

How long has it been since I’ve done one of these? I miss them, a lot. I enjoy these because it lets you, our readers, know exactly what’s going on inside my mind about cars. Plus I get to talk to you.

1) I’ve seen several people in that Nissan Murano Cabriolet monstrosity. If you thought the Honda Crosstour was bad, look this up at your own risk. The car hasn’t sold well, and for obvious reasons. So far I believe I’ve seen three over the course of a year. From what I’ve read, apparently the car appeals more toward women (we’re not going to try to get into why) so when I saw two middle aged men driving one, well, that was one of mankind’s darker moments. Perhaps if Nissan attached a propeller to the back and advertised it as an amphibious car, then it’s melted boot on a lifted suspension with the top chopped off looks would sell. It would be a good boat, but not for fishing, all the things with gills would get scared away and whales would try to mate with it.

2) The new Ford Focus. I’m currently spending some time in this as a rental. At first I was slightly apprehensive to be honest, because I’ve sat in other new Ford models and they were horrible (Taurus, we’re looking at you.) Then I sat in this one and was pleasantly shocked. It was nice. Genuinely nice. And for a base model surprisingly well built designed, and laid out, with high quality materials. It even drove like it had a soul! And that’s saying a lot for what is supposed to be an economy car. But then it suddenly hit me after a solid 5 minutes as to why I enjoyed the car so much. Save for the bits that have to be federalized like lights and bumpers and whatnot, this was the European Ford Focus. Ford had made the European Focus a world car, meaning it’s partically the same car no matter where you go, and decided, we’ll give the Americans a treat too. Well it worked. See what happens when you bring nice things from Europe Ford? People buy them.

3) To all you people complaining about the new Toyota FT-86 (Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S) not having enough power; The car has 200 bhp in something that weighs the same as Mini Cooper S. The power to weight ratio is 13.79. That will eat a Mini Cooper S like Cheerios for breakfast. Do you want to find out what it was for the original AE86? End rant.

4) Russian dash cams. Enough said.

5) Dear Mazda, I think that by the time you’ve released your third teaser video of the new Mazda6, you should realize that you’ve gotten the masses enormously stoked. If you release another teaser and a man decides he can’t go on with the dimly lit 10 second “let’s show 6 inches of the car” and just commits automotive suicide and buys a Toyota Camry instead, I’m letting you know it is entirely your fault.

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