MK7 Volkswagen Golf Production Will Begin In August

The new VW Golf will be a very interesting one. That’s not to say that previous Golf’s haven’t been. As a matter of fact they’ve all been very important, but this one is a bit different. The new MK7 Golf continues VW’s cost cutting and efficiency efforts, however the company has learned a lesson in how not to do that with the current VW Jetta. Instead, the new Golf will use VW’s radical Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform, which is standardized throughout the VW lineup. It means that parts and platforms are exactly the same, and the MQB will be under every front wheel drive chassis VW group car, so even your Audi A3 will now have the same bits in it.

However the new MK7 will also come with cylinder deactivation, and start stop technology, a first ever for the Golf, hinting at an even more sophisticated model. According to AutoNews Europe, the new Golf will start production in Wolfsburg and Zwickau, Germany, in just a few weeks. The new Golf will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September, and by November should be on sale in the world market. When it will reach the U.S. is unknown.


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