Fiat Actually Dumped 500’s Into The Sea In “Immigrants” Advert

When I first saw Fiat’s new ad called “Immigrants”, featuring a bunch of 500’s going for more than just a swim at the beach, the first thought I had was “are those real cars or not?” The answer in my head was no way. That can be done with CGI today, and look just as real. But some strange part of me was saying that they were in fact real cars, and I began to get worried.

They were real cars.

In this set of photos by Paul Panek, you’ll see that the cars were very real, and a total of six took the plunge. The yellow car from the beginning of the ad was dropped from the highest point of all; 70 feet (21 meters) above the water. The entire ad was filmed over a period of just 12 days in both Italy and New York. I guess it begs the question then; “were those real cars driving out of the water onto New York’s shores?” There’s no word on what may actually happen to the salty 500’s, but at least now you know that if you ever drive off a cliff into a body of water at 70 feet, you’ve got a good chance, although your 500’s cute cheeky face might look a bit sad after the impact.  Please don’t actually do that.

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