BMW Adds Another Number To The Family – BMW 4 Series Caught Testing

Photo Credit – Autoevolution

Pick a number between 3 and 5, was probably what the conversation was like at BMW headquarters. Actually it was probably more like “are you sure we should do this?” in German. Well the answer was yes, because the new 4 Series is coming, and it’s going to be interesting.

Besides the fact that it’s an entirely new model range, it will expand the BMW lineup to include a coupe, convertible, several (several!?) M versions, and maybe even a notchback. BMW is keen on using the same engines from the 3 series, especially the new 2.0 liter.

So, it’s time to get used to saying “428i”, as well as possible M Performance models; the M430, M435, M440 and M450 (M450!?).

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