Moment of Silence. The Mitsubishi Evo X Has Officially Died In The UK

Or at least until the last 10 units are sold, then the Evo X will officially disappear from the Mitsubishi UK model lineup. Mitsubishi has officially ended imports of the Evo X into the UK. Keep in mind that this comes amid worries for Mitsubishi, and confirms the previous stories about the end being near for the Evo X. However, for U.S. readers, keep in mind that the U.K. market is different from the U.S. one. Mitsubishi is vastly more popular in the Old Country, and the Evo X had a considerable lead over its direct rival, the Subaru WRX STI. This is also significant for U.S. readers, because something similar will likely happen in the U.S. with the Evo X very soon.

So why did the Evo X die? According to Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi UK’s managing director, “We used to sell the Evo for £30k; now we would have to charge £60k.” The problem is the Japanese yen, which continues to get stronger. Mitsubishi searched for a way to keep imports coming, including the desperate no-profit options, but simply couldn’t sustain it.

But the Evo is far from dead. As a matter of fact, this means that the rumours of the past two years will likely come true. The standard Lancer will come to replace the car in 2014, but the next Evo has not gotten the go ahead for production. That car will most likely ditch the turbocharged monster in the current car, and opt for a hybrid electric drivetrain, or even a diesel. One thing is for sure though, it will not switch to a hatchback or small wagon as the current Subaru WRX did originally.


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