Forget Teasers, 2013 Mazda 6 Rendering – TTP 500th Post

This post is special to me. It’s number 500 since this blog started as Snails On The Block two and a half years ago. That number represents something special because it isn’t huge. In that time, other sites may have written three times that amount. But it goes to show that The Torque Post is following its original path from when it was Snails On The Block; to bring a unique and interesting blend of automotive content to light. That means not every news story gets posted here. They’re hand-picked, fresh, just for you. This post is also special because the guy behind those posts owns a first generation Mazda 6, and after the less than impressive second generation of the car, Mazda has generated huge buzz about the car that could bring zoom zoom back into the mid size car segment. So you could say I’m excited.

The 21 and 19 second teaser videos from Mazda revealing only small sections of the new car have been irritating. We want to see more. We’ve already seen spy photos of the wagon testing in Germany, and we’ve seen the Takeri concept. The masters at PS-Garage put two and two together, and although the front end has a strong resemblance to the CX-5, it’s still fairly accurate.

Even better news for U.S. consumers? The wagon will be returning, although you’ll have to wait another year until 2014 for that. But if you feel like taking a vacation to Russia, the wagon is rumoured to be unveiled at the Moscow Auto Show. The new Mazda 6 will get even more innovative efficiency technology in addition to the revolutionary and well praised SkyActiv. There is also a strong likelihood that Mazda will ditch 6 cylinder engines in the new car to use its SkyActiv engines throughout the range.

Even more interesting, Mazda will bring its new i-Eloop regenerative braking system from the Takeri concept to the new car, which can improve efficiency by up to 10%. The system stores energy from braking (kind of like F1 cars with KERS) in a capacitor, and uses that power instead to power electrics like the fan, lights, wipers, radio, power windows, etc. This means that the engine can send all of its power to the wheels, so you get less parasitic drag and more zoom zoom.


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