Minty Fresh Mercedes Benz E63 AMG From Japan

If you own a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, you should be satisfied. You have a car that costs the price of a small house in some states, has gobs and gobs of power, and as long as you aren’t some hood rich cretin, chances are you appreciate the car, especially the fact that it contains all this power in a civilized Hugo Boss suit, until you press the go pedal.

An interesting trend occurs in the Japanese market with these cars. To most people, it would seem that the Japanese have all they need to be satisfied with their domestic car market. Except that’s not the case. Image is imperative in Eastern society. In Japan for example, where traffic drives on the opposite side of the road, and cars are right hand drive (a legacy of the British), owning a left hand drive car from a foreign market, such as one imported from the U.S. or Europe is a status symbol. It says you want to stand out from the rest, and can afford to do it. And it is legal in Japan. It seems to be a trademark of today’s Asian society to copy the west. To have something from the west says “look how wealthy and trendy I am.” Personally I find that kind of showing off kind of dumb, but travel anywhere in Asia and tell me you don’t see it all the time. So the Japanese like their European cars in a sea of domestic brands.

Case in point. In Japan you’re also in the land of extreme customization, and the owner of this E63 AMG was satisfied with all but one thing, the civility. A member of U.S. based Platinum Motorsport in Japan decided he liked the color Mint Green, and proceeded to apply it liberally.


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