E15 Ethanol Gasoline Has Been Approved For Sale In U.S.

Which is great right? Something new just got approved, hooray progress. Not really. Up until now, almost all gasoline sold in the United States has been E10, which is 90% gasoline, and 10% ethanol, most likely coming from corn. The reason most people are up in arms over even E10 is because corn is food. The United States is not Brazil, which produces its ethanol from sugar cane, which grows like grass in the South American country, and also produces several times more ethanol per amount refined than corn, making corn much less efficient.

The other problem is that while ethanol is a renewable resource, it isn’t a smart one. Ethanol is actually less efficient than gasoline in an internal combustion engine, and produces less power on top of that. Naturally, people aren’t enthused about getting less of two things that are essential to driving. Even worse, ethanol can be as the OPEI (Outdoor Power Equipment Institute) and almost every major automaker will say; “dangerous” to engines. Older engines are especially at risk and can be ruined by ethanol, and even more recent ones that are only 10 years old. For newer engines, the new fuel could still be detrimental.

However, since gasoline stations are free to sell whatever they want, if there is little or no demand for E15, it may just not sell. Of course, that’s a best case scenario, since almost all fuel stations in the U.S. must now sell E10.

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