Toyota & Subaru Get The Kinks Out Of The FR-S/BRZ

Usually it’s sage advice to avoid buying an entirely new model the first year it’s available, unless you really really have to have it for some reason. Of course that doesn’t apply if it’s a bicycle, Rolls Royce, or a tank. The Scion FR-S is specifically affected in this “recall” which involves the cars owners manual having misprints in the section that details the airbags. Scion and Subaru will send 2,800 owners (that many have sold already) updated pages to insert into their manuals, but if you don’t feel like cutting and pasting and don’t have kids to do it either, you can take your manual to the dealership to have it done.

The FR-S in addition is also being inspected by Toyota for a proprietary problem. Toyota has issued tech tips to dealers after consumers have complained of condensation forming in the tail lamp housings of the FR-S. Toyota’s chief engineer has reported that a change in the production process will remedy the issue. A more noticeable problem mentioned in the tech tip is in regard to excessive body panel gap on some cars. Complaints have come in about some body panels being almost a quarter-inch out of flush, but Toyota is investigating the issue.

Interestingly enough, the Subaru BRZ, although being the cars identical twin and assembled on the same assembly line, does not have these issues.

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