The Hot Wagon Is Alive And Kicking – 2013 BMW 3 Series Sport Wagon

The current model 3 series wagon.

It’s a known fact that wagons don’t get as much love as they should in the United States. For some reason, the market prefers giant, ugly (admit it, as nice as manufacturers to make them look, they’re still giant with curves on odd proportions) less fuel-efficient vehicles, essentially the lifted version of a wagon. How one could do that over a sporty, sleek, low wagon with better handling characteristics is beyond me. But that doesn’t mean the sport wagon is dead in America. Far from it. Okay maybe not that far, because you could probably count on your hands in a month the true wagons you see on the road in many places. But still, Acura has released the TSX Sport wagon (in case you forgot), and although that hasn’t sold as much, the Germans have had decent success with them.

Case in point. The BMW 3 Series wagon is here for 2013 and it will be sold to U.S. consumers. The car will first go on sale in Europe as  the 328i, 330d, and 320d Touring later this year. Next year U.S. consumers will also be able to get it, and the new car sports some notable improvements over the current 328i or xi wagon.

It’s larger. 10% more cargo volume kind of larger. The rear seats have a 40:20:40 split, as well as some nifty hidden storage, a partition net as standard, and if you don’t use the cargo cover in the rear, it can be stowed away under the trunk floor, something very neat for a wagon.

The new 3 series wagon will be available in Sport, Luxury, Modern, and M Sport trim, and each has its own unique interior and exterior features to denote trim level. You also get to choose a powered rear tailgate, and if you get the Comfort Access package, that becomes a hand’s free power tailgate, which you open by wagging your foot under a sensor in the rear bumper. Not to mention you get the usual current BMW options of BMW Apps, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection, BMW Parking Assistant, Rear-view Camera with Top View, BMW Assist telematics service, and a heads up display with a full color screen.


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