I Like Delaware – State Cracks Down On Left Lane Hoggers

Yup, joining Kansas, Oklahoma, and Washington state among a few others, Delaware is proposing legislature that would bring into effect a $230 dollar fine for anyone hogging the left lane.

The bill was submitted by Rep. William Carson, D-Smyrna who said “I submitted the bill because I’ve seen so many people in recent years who get in the left lane and just stay there. It’s gotten to where it’s ridiculous.”

The bill would make the left lane for passing only on roads where there are 2 or more lanes. Drivers would still be able to make left turns, they simply have to stay on the right the rest of the time. Anyone who drives or has driven in Europe should be familiar with this, as it is standard practice across the Atlantic. New Jersey also has some of the strictest slow traffic keep right laws in the nation for a bit of trivia.

The bill is supported by the AAA Mid-Atlantic and the Delaware Police Chief’s Council, and is currently in the state Legislature. It has not yet made it to the House.


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