Honda Packs Up And Moves 2014 Fit (Jazz) Production To Mexico.

2014 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. In addition to BMW announcing the new M3 (scroll down to the post below this one), Honda has packed up and moved production of the Fit (Jazz for rest of world market) again. Blame it on the rising Japanese Yen which we’ve heard enough about already. This isn’t the first time Honda has moved the Fit. Earlier it moved production to China, where Fits were exported to the rest of the world and the Canadian market.

But now Honda has built an entirely new production plant. In Celaya, Mexico. The new plant will begin operations in 2014 and should bring in approximately 3,200 new jobs. Production capacity is estimated at 200,000 new Fits per year, and Honda may produce other small compacts at the plant in the future.

According to Honda CEO Takanobu Ito at a special ceremony in Mexico; “Considering the needs of the Mexican market, which is expecting continued growth in the future, and also serving as a global production base for the North American region and beyond, we decided to make the Fit the first product to be produced here,”



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