Nissan Has Officially Brought The Datsun Brand Back

How official? Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn confirming it official. Now before you freak about how awesome a modern 510 would be here in the U.S., hold your horses. The Datsun brand is slated for developing and emerging markets. By emerging markets we mean places like Indonesia, Russia, and India. The cars will be inexpensive to appeal to the market with good fuel economy. Of course just because they have to appeal to a lower price point doesn’t mean that they will be tin cans with lawnmower engines. The cars should have a fairly decent slew of standard features.

In addition to making the Datsun brand the third, next to Infiniti and Nissan, the return of Datsun also means a 33 billion Yen investment in Indonesia, and creating thousands of jobs. Pretty nifty. Now if only they would actually bring the 510 back for the U.S. and destroy that thing they call a Sentra.


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