Your Volkswagen Burger Is Ready, Wait What? – Buyables

The summer season is coming with all of its cruises, shows, get togethers, and general hanging out because it never gets dark. That inevitably means running into a barbecue. So if you’re a real VW fan, how do you put on a cookout at a meet that will be remembered? With VW’s barbeque gear sold by ECS Tuning of course! These also make great gifts for anyone who happens to a) have a summer birthday, b) like VW’s and c) likes to grill. And if you don’t like burgers, I’m sure VW grilled salmon would be a first!

First up is the VW Branding Iron. Note that this may make for an awkward party if you have Honda friends. $54.–3.2/Novelty/Drivers_Gear/ES1928390/

Now how do you flip it over and do the other side? With this VW Spatula of course! $37.–3.2/Novelty/Drivers_Gear/ES1928391/

And last but not least, because if you’re going to do it right, you have to do it right. VW Hot Sauce. It’s even a VW Genuine Part! $20.–3.2/Novelty/Drivers_Gear/ES1928392/

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