Want An Audi A3 Hatch In America? Buy One Now Before It’s Too Late.

Autoblog Geneva 2012

It is way too depressing to hear news like this. If you happen to be a fan of the A3, and by fan I don’t just mean looking at pictures online, save this for when you’re already having a bad day so you can handle it. See the picture of the car above? That’s not for U.S. consumption anymore.

VAG group have done their research, and they know that attractive three door hatchbacks with power don’t sell well in America. But this doesn’t mean that the A3 is going going gone in the star-spangled banner market. No, it’s actually going to be replaced with something, different. A sedan.

Yup, according to Audi CEO of America Johan De Nysschen, not a single body panel of the new A3 sedan will be shared with the hatchback when it is developed. The A3 sedan should be more upscale with a more refined interior. While it’s hard to imagine that Audi could possibly make more upscale interiors than it already does, for the A3 it actually is possible when you look at the outgoing model. The A3 sedan should have more technology as well, with the possibility of it having the same touch pad control system as found in the R8 supercar, and a large LCD screen in the console.

Audi is hoping that all of this should motivate up to 30,000 sales per year. Although I still say, is it really so hard to import and federalize A3 hatches from Germany for the people who really want them?


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