Toyota FT-86 TRD Performance Accessories – Tokyo Auto Salon

This morning I finally figured out something that I had been confused about for some time. Tokyo Auto Show refers to the auto show in Japan much like the Detroit/Geneva/NewYork.etc. auto show where manufacturers show off their new cars and marketing glitz. The Tokyo Auto Salon on the other hand is more like Japan’s version of SEMA. I had previously thought the two were together and just being called different things.

Anyway, Toyota has announced that it will debut new TRD accessories for the FT-86 (GT-86) and Subaru BRZ. In addition to Greddy/Trust Japan, you can now get the peace of mind that comes with OEM performance accessories. First up is a new aero package with side skirts, a front lip spoiler, and a new rear apron to fit a quad exhaust tip (four? really?) system.

For performance, you can spec your car with a fully adjustable suspension, front and rear anti-roll bars, a front strut, stabilizer bar set, even more cross bracing for trips to the chiropractor, and a braking system with four pistons in the rear and six in the front. With this kind of stopping power available for a 200 bhp coupe, it makes you wonder if Toyota has more in store for bumping up power. Is it just me or is Toyota finally moving forward? =)

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