Fiat Ducato Van Coming To U.S. As Ram Van, Hecho En Mexico

Good stuff is indeed coming from across the Atlantic, especially in the van world. Ford realised that it was prime time to bring the Transit connect over, and eventually, the renowned Transit will replace the Econoline series. Chrysler/Fiat is also going to deliver the goods. According to Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler Fiat Group CEO, about half a billion bucks are going to be shelled out to expand a North American plant to produce the Fiat Ducato Van and sell it in the U.S.

Fantastical right? Not for everyone, because the plant in question happens to be south of the border in “it’s always sunny in” Saltillo, Mexico.

Anyway, this means competition for the current Ford Econoline, and the rapidly ageing Chevrolet Express. The Fiat Ducato is no newcomer, in Europe it sells extremely well. Approximately two out of every three camper van conversions in Europe are Ducato’s. The whole thing and its Italian chocolate sounding name will be called the “Chrysler Ram Van”.


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