Yup. Volkswagen Is Now Number Two.

If you remember Volkswagen throughout the past two years, it would be of the group saying it how much it would like to overtake Toyota and GM in worldwide sales and become the number one automaker in the world. For quite some time, VW has remained at number three. However, the day has finally come.

According to CarAdvice, VW beat Toyota with 8.16 million units sold, over 7.9. However, we’re still not sure if those numbers will last, because part of the reason Toyota is down is the March earthquake and recent massive floods in the region which crippled supply and factories.

With that said, they still have yet to beat General Motors, whose sales are expected to be approximately 10 million units. If VW has to make sales with watering down their product line and quality for varying consumers however, the brand may just lose its image and the foundation of Germanic quality it rests on.


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