The Acura ILX – Acura Is Making A Compact Sedan Again

Well, it didn’t take long. It was only about a month ago that Acura and Honda announced some sort of compact was in the works. And here we are. So the ILX concept may have a U.S. spec Honda Civic as it’s base, but the rest of it is all different, including Acura’s new approach to styling. Apparently they still haven’t gotten the memo about the bird’s beak front grille…

When the ILX comes out this spring in the U.S., customers will be able to spec their cars with a choice of three engines; either a 2.0 litre or a 2.4 inline four-cylinder engine mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox (me like), or Acura’s first hybrid motor; a 1.5 litre gasoline-hybrid concoction. Something gives me a feeling the last one will have more than a thing or two in common with the Honda CR-Z’s 1.5 litre hybrid.

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