Happy New Year – Snails On The Block

Here’s wishing you a happy, blessed, safe, and full of faster lap times, new year for 2012! Snails On The Block has made it through another year. 2011 was a pretty big year for Snails On The Block. For the first time, I started to write my own reviews about cars that I had the chance to drive. The ever popular “What I Think” series of posts where I post my random opinions and thoughts about automotive things has continued. The number of categories has expanded from the original 4 to 12 as I started to cover news and realised that it had to be made easier for readers to find what they were looking for. And yes, I am finally using tags in my posts, I’m not sure what I had against them lol, but they’re here now. Snails On The Block is finishing 2011 with a total of 285 posts (actually this is #286 =), that’s over 50 pages of awesome car news since the site’s founding in January of 2010.

The type of media on the site and amount of media has also grown a bit, with more featured videos and photos. Yes, those days when only photos or videos are posted do mean that things are really busy and there may not be the time to do a full post or write full fledged articles. This entire show is indeed run by one dude. The site also has finally been optimised to work on the iPad. Designing a cover image took quite a while to be totally honest. SOTB also has a new Facebook page. Show your support by using the Facebook widget on the side of the page and like it! It’s an easy way to stay notified of new posts on the site instead of checking all the time. You can also follow the site if you have a WordPress account, or go the old fashioned way and subscribe for email alerts (just kidding, I love email.) Speaking of email, feel free to use the contact page to notify me with tips, or anything you think is worthy of sharing on the site. If featured, the article will have your name in the title (as credit).

The mission of the site remains the same; To be an attractive and sophisticated place online where readers and users can interact with the content they like. It provides a blend of content that appeals to audiences interested in all aspects of the automotive world.This means you can find all forms of motor sports, the auto industry, aftermarket and tuning, design, style, how-to’s and tech articles, product reviews, things you can buy, events, and anything awesome and motor related right here.

Happy New Year from Snails On The Block. Cars, Lifestyle, & Insight.

JohnMichael Chiriyan – Editor and creator


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