Greddy Makes A Smart Move – First To Develop Parts For Scion FR-S (BRZ, FT-86)

Why is it a smart move? Because not only does Greddy get to say that it was the first to develop an exhaust for the car, but it also will get a huge amount of attention from the public and drivers interested in having fun when their FR-S arrives. This happens to be just what Greddy, or any other Japanese tuning company needs right now because in case you haven’t noticed, tough times have really taken a toll on people buying expensive Japanese parts for their cars. What’s also good is that not only has the FT-86 saved Toyota from falling off the cliff into a bottomless pit better known as “boring and uninteresting transportation”, but it has also saved tuners and aftermarket company’s from a bottomless pit known as “bankruptcy”. Imagine the excitement that comes with having to develop new performance parts for an entirely new sports car. And it’s a real one this time (non of that hybrid stuff), with a real combustion engine, rear wheel drive and a proper manual gearbox. Aftermarket tuners, start your engines.


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