Subaru Says Stop! Don’t Buy That 2012 Model – Recall Information

The new Impreza is a really, really, really, important vehicle for Subaru, especially in the NA market where it is bread and butter alongside the Legacy. Unfortunately, the company has had to issue a memorandum ordering dealers to stop the sale of 2012 Imprezas immediately, as well as certain Legacy and Outback models.

Subaru of America has “received a limited number of reports of intermittent excessive brake pedal travel in 2012 Impreza models built through November 15 as well as 2012 Legacy and Outback models built between October 27 and November 23,” adding that “drivers have reported their concerns about greater than normal brake pedal travel.”

Essentially the cars have a serious braking issue and luckily Subaru NA caught it in its early stages. They will just repair the cars on the dealer lot, however expect some time for this to be done because parts must be ordered and shipped before they can begin the process.


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