What I Think – Automotive Soap Opera Stories

1) Saab. What comes immediately to mind when you bring that name up? A story that has been dragging on for the better part of the last four years. A bad romance with General Motors, no luck with dating the Chinese, marginal luck at enticing the Swedish government, and just recently going on a rant with thousands of fans (now endorsed by Saab) virtually occupying GM’s facebook page with posts like “Let Saab go!”. Just when you think the company is safe, another dramatic turn happens, kind of like in Spanish novelas, or Korean dramas. Hopefully this will have a happy ending that doesn’t resemble Days of Our Lives.

2) Dear Chrysler FIAT group, what you did to the launch of the poor little FIAT 500 in the U.S. was atrocious. I think you owe that poor little car an apology. There really is no excuse for what you did. Besides that, you would have probably saved millions just using the same ads that you run for the car in Europe since those were actually awesome.

3) Suzuki and Volkswagen are finally getting a divorce, whether VW wants to let go or not. I guess this was really a more self-serving relationship for the German manufacturer. After all, what did Suzuki get out of it in all the years they’ve been together recently? A Kizashi? How often do you see those on the road? Dear Suzuki, now that you can move on, stop dilly dallying and bring the Swift over here. And don’t change a thing on it.

4) The Toyota FT-86. Now that it’s finally starting to come around, is it too late? No, personally and judging from the comments it receive on any of the latest information it seems like it should do just fine. The Subaru BR-Z thing on the other hand. Axe it. Immediately.


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