Israel, Land of Mazda – Wait What?

After doing some research, it turns out that Israel is a very unique country in the fact that it is the only nation in the world where Mazda is the number one selling brand. Why? It’s still hard to understand. Mazda is praised for its reliability and high resale values, but then again, so is Toyota and Hyundai (which comes in second place for Israel by the way) in the rest of the Middle East, and the world for that matter. Of course, I am not going to argue if Mazda’s can do so well in a challenging environment. Israel is not the most friendly place to drive, did I mention it’s in the Middle East?

As of 2010, Mazda had 14.6 percent of Israeli market share, beating Hyundai’s 14.1 percent. Starting with the compact mini segment, the Mazda 2 leads the pack, beating the Hyundai i20, Suzuki Swift, and others from SEAT and Skoda. The Mazda 3 itself is the most popular car in Israel and has been since 2005. Talk about market domination. In some years it has held up to 12 percent of the market. Guess what the best-selling large car is. The Mazda 6. The only segment that isn’t dominated by a Mazda model in some form or other is the SUV/Crossovers, where Hyundai holds the reins.

I wonder how or if it’s possible to say “Zoom-Zoom” in Hebrew.



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