Audi Takes A Hint – Working On New Design Language

The men at Ingolstadt have been listening, and they’ve realised that the whole “family identity” concept has really been taken too far. It’s about time, because a flagship really shouldn’t resemble a stretched A4. Audi has introduced a new design philosophy, and according to Autocar, is already in the advanced stages of the project.

According to design director Stefan Sielaff, Audi will use a new design strategy that uses the “AQR” acronym. “A” stands for Audi, “Q” stands for Quattro (SUV’s), and “R” stands for sports cars. Each of the three categories will have its own design standards, which mean the lineups can have differing front fascias,  headlight silhouettes, and body surfaces. For example, a saloon car such as the A6 would have a grill positioned at a certain angle, while an SUV would have a more upright design. Audi will also develop another individual identity for its e-Tron electric vehicles.


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