Audi A5 Showroom Trailer “Sharper Drive” – Video

In case you haven’t noticed, (and I say that because I totally didn’t, something’s wrong with me I know), Audi has launched the refreshed A5 in Europe already. Now that its out, they need to sell it. So they’re going to focus on it’s redesigned headlights, bodywork, and interior bits, as well as it’s cleaner burning engines. So it’s natural that they choose the word sharp to describe the car. After all, it’s designer Walter Da Silva said it was the most beautiful car he ever designed in 2007, and I quite agree.

The advert then is naturally very sharp, and it markets well, because you have to be sharp to notice some of the things that are going on in it. Target audience achieved.

What’s cool about this ad? Besides the normal Germanic precision and the cold feel of cut steel we usually get from Audi, check out how the salt flats that the cars are originally driving on cut up to for what resembles a highway network and an underground in a city. The inspiration comes from previous Audi ads to show the perfect transition from country to urban. We get the point, it really can handle whatever you throw at it. But Audi wants to make sure you really get the point, so the salt flats again cut up into the pyramids while the convertible drives through.

“Sharper precision.” because precision just isn’t good enough for them apparently. Well done.


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