All Your Truck Are Belong To Us – VW Cleared To Acquire MAN

Volkswagen’s financial marketing presentations to other companies must pretty much consist of giant Pac-Mans. Intent on world domination, the people’s car brand that came into fruition when Hitler had a dream not only owns or has controlling stakes in several major car brands, but also encompasses a few heavy truck and equipment manufacturers as well. That corporate tree will soon expand to include MAN, the truck, bus, and heavy turbo diesel engine manufacturer that is not only one of the oldest brands in the German Stock Exchange, but also one of the largest. The European Union commission has given its regulatory approval to Volkswagen to increase its holdings in MAN from %30.5 to %53.71, while increasing its voting rights to a majority %55.9. This should also help to reduce overhead costs and redundancies between MAN, Scania and Volkswagen’s own truck operations, allowing the larger company to now become the largest truck manufacturer in the European market.

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