(!) Nurburgring Crash – Eight Car Accident On The Green Hell

According to police, the accident occurred at the exit of the Nordshleife’s Bergwek (mine) area at approximately 2:00 pm local time during a touristenfahrten (public track day). Three cars began to brake to enter a section of the track that was under road works. A fourth car driven by a UK driver attempted to slow down but failed, and ended up hitting one of the aforementioned cars, sliding onto the grass and then back onto the tarmac about 164 feet (50 meters) ahead, finally crashing into the other two cars. Three other drivers who were following saw the accident and slowed down to avoid the accidents. The eighth car, the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, failed to brake on time and slammed into one of the other cars, coming to rest on the left side of the track.

The cars involved were the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, a Corvette Z06, a race-prepared Porsche 911, an E36 BMW 3 Series, an E30 BMW 3 Series, an E92 BMW M3, and two Vauxhall VXR220s.

One driver sustained serious injuries from the accident and was taken to a hospital in Koblenz, and two more were attended to by medics at the Nurburgring. Seven out of the eight cars were damaged to the point of being un drivable, and the total property damage is estimated to be over  $130,000 (EUR100,000)

Unfortunately, it appears that the site of the accident was also a disaster waiting to happen, with improper safety precautions to blame. The timing of a public track day while there were road works going on the track would mean that there were inexperienced drivers lapping the course. In addition, a warning sign was placed incorrectly, forcing cars that would be traveling at speeds of over 124 mph (200 km/h) to decelerate to just 31 mph (50 km/h) in an extremely short amount of time, over a crest. This creates a situation where as there are more cars racing, it becomes exponentially more likely to have an accident.


One thought on “(!) Nurburgring Crash – Eight Car Accident On The Green Hell

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