What I Think – The Parking Lot

Cars do have expressions. Example; the Imola yellow B5 Audi S4 with its gaping front inlets is probably why the blue bug-eyed WRX parked in front of it looked like it was being violated…

There’s a black BMW 335i coupe and a gun metal WRX STI (both the current generation) parked facing each other behind my car. They look like they’re in a staring contest. Except the BMW has CCFL halos so it isn’t fair…

Passed a convoy of military trucks on route 9. Since when do they use HID headlights? They looked aftermarket too. But of course they magically had absolutely no glare at all and were very bright even in reflector housings. Damn military secrets.

Clutch – Man; The other go pedal. Woman; expensive bag.

If I could have two VW projects right now, I would have a MK5 Jetta TDI, and a B6 Passat 2.0T. Both with manual gearboxes. I’d swap the TDI from the Jetta and put it into the Passat so I could have a comfortable tourer with an oil burner just like in the olde country, and make my own version of the Jetta Wolfsburg (2008+) and turn it into a GLI wearing decent clothing.

Dear New York drivers, you’re almost like New Jersey drivers now, which scares me. But only on Tuesdays and when it’s raining.


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