Aftermarket – Dectane Automotive Lighting

If you have ever gone shopping for aftermarket lighting, you may have noticed that it seems as though there are at least 25 different off brand companies each selling the same headlight with varying levels of shoddy quality. When you do actually buy them, half of the 10 different styles of lights they cram into the housing will burn out within months. It is irritating. You want a high quality product for your car. The LED strips that everyone is buying from Walmart and applying to their Toyota’s to give them Audi styling are cheap, often burn out, not bright enough, and usually don’t integrate well with the lines of your car, because Audi styling does not mix well with a Toyota. Halos only look good and belong at the same time on BMW’s, admit it. Not to mention these add ons are extremely tacky. You’ve been looking for lights that have been styled well, specifically for your vehicle, and are properly made to last.

Well, I have finally discovered a company that does all of this properly. Dectane GmbH is a German automotive accessory company that specialises in lighting technology. They have launched high quality lines of products such as Litec.innovations, Modulite, and Dlite lighting in addition to their standard Dectane light products. So, say for example you have a B7 Audi A4, and you want to update its styling to resemble the new trend with LED and daytime running lamps. Finally, you can find a product that matches the quality of the originals, and comes from the same country! What makes these lamps great is that they are also designed to be truly road legal all over the world, and will therefore produce the beautiful crisp European spec beam pattern’s and colours desired by American consumers for increased safety and less glare. The LED’s are not cheap, they will not burn out, and they are as bright as OEM Audi devil eyes or BMW Halo’s. And they are all tastefully designed. So go check out today or YouTube search “Dectane”. And take those Halo’s off of your Honda Civic, they really look that chintzy. Go do it. Now.


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