2012 Acura TSX Eats A Pepper. Get’s A Bit Spicy On The Outside.

It’s been three years since Acura launched the newer TSX, better known as the Honda Accord in the rest of the world. Fittingly, they decided it was time to spruce things up a bit. So they call this, the “Special Edition”, which in their own words was designed to “”evoke the fun-to-drive four-cylinder Acura’s of the past,”. In order to make the TSX Special Edition, the company’s entry-level sedan gets a more aggressive front spoiler, a new rear bumper fascia, unique side sills, and a one of a kind “Special Edition” badge on the boot lid. When it comes to rollers, the standard 17×7.5 five spoke aluminium wheels receive a tasteful and unique polished finish and dark grey background.

On the inside, new perforated black Lux Suede® inserts line the seats with a red backing. The steering wheel, seats and shift knob use a unique red sticking that compliments the red instrument cluster, foot well and overhead lighting. For fancy footwork, aluminium pedals are also added. The steering wheel mounted shifter paddles also receive bright silver plating, and the headliner is now in black material compared to the standard grey.

The rev happy K24 2.4 engine remains the same. With Sequential SportShift 5 speed automatic or a close ratio 6 speed manual gearboxes available. If they really want to evoke the fun to drive four-cylinder legends of the past, why don’t they lose the metal beak?


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