Going Camping? Check Your Oil First – Cool Products

You have blood. It’s made up of many different things, like blood plasma, red blood cells, and water. With that said, your car also has blood. It’s made up of refined dinosaurs. Usually you may be accustomed to changing it at regular intervals, based on either mileage or driving habits or a combination of the two which should be in relation to its wear.  What is isn’t usually changed on is the actual level of degradation. A new product called Lubricheck aims to change all of that. Simply choose either conventional or synthetic settings on the device, drop a few drops of oil on the tester, and it will automatically detect contaminants like metal, antifreeze, and the acidity of the oil.

Once you know that your oil is okay, you can get prepared for that long drive into the wilderness for a camping trip with your new Volkswagen Camper Van tent. Officially licensed by VW, this tent is available in red, yellow, or blue, and replicates the 1965 VW Transporter Type 2 van. Pre order from firebox.com for $480.


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