Buick Applies For A Visa For the Astra GTC, Gets Approved

Ah Saturn, the quirky but interesting GM sub brand that kept looking to the stars for inspiration to build something good, but like most of us when we look at the stars, eventually got dizzy and collapsed. After sitting on the ground for a while and realizing that rebadging harmless Opel Astra’s wasn’t working so well, GM has decided not to give up and give it another shot, however this time it may actually work. Buick is looking to re-name the spicy new Opel Astra as the Buick Verano and ship it off to the new country. Car and Driver reports that Buick plans to bring the three door Astra GTC across the pond. Since the Verano will share the same platform as the Astra, it’s likely that the 2.4 liter four cylinder mill with 177 bhp and the naughtier 220 bhp 2.0 liter turbocharged unit will carryover from Europe as well. Both can be mated to either a 6 speed automatic or manual transmission. Talk about lowering the average buyer age for the brand. Yes, a hot hatch, from Buick. Europe is also slated to receive an even hotter OPC version some time in the future, but American consumers should probably keep that in their dreams.


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