Start Of Le Mans Season Goes Off With A Bang – And A Massive Pileup

The 2011 Le Mans Series was supposed to start off with the Le Castellet 6 Hours Race, however it probably lasted quite a bit longer than that. The Paul Ricard HTTT Circuit by design has a rise and hump on the rear stretch. Because of it, cars lined up in the rear, such as those in the GT class for example, can’t tell what’s going on in front with the prototype class. The only thing they can see is the green light that means press the go pedal. And they did, right into the rear of the prototype class cars, because the Audi Pace Car Driver did not leave the track. Those in the GT class thinking that the race had begun crested the hump only to make panic stops before hitting the prototypes in front, and causing total chaos. The Audi pace car driver did get out of the mess, however the carnage that ensued behind may not make this video suitable for GT fan viewers due to its graphic content nature.


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