Portuguese PM Socrates Becomes First World Leader To Take A Nissan Leaf

It looks like Nissan’s Leaf is really blowing around in the wind. On December 11th, the first regular consumer received their Leaf. Nine days later the Kanagawa Prefectural Government in Japan took another 10, and just two days after that, Portugal received its first delivery of Leafs  (Leaves?). The Portuguese mobile electric company MOBI.E took nine of the batch becoming the first European consumers. In addition, Nissan’s executive vice president Carlos Tavares handed one over to the Portuguese Government for use in test drives. Prime Minister Jose Socrates accepted the car saying:

We are extremely pleased to be introducing the electric vehicle in Portugal. After three years of collaborative work between the Government, public entities, the corporate consortium which developed the MOBI.E solution and Nissan, we have achieved the first smart, built-in charging network on a national scope, therefore we are the first country to welcome electric vehicles. By combining in a pioneer manner our commitment to renewable energies, the implementation of the smart charging network and the introduction of electric vehicles, Portugal will be in the lead of the transition to a more sustainable future.

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