Munchkins With An Attitude – Mazda At SEMA 2010

From an engineering standpoint where things are built to last and in the process work well, Honda must be the Japanese Mercedes-Benz. With that said, it’s safe to say that Mazda is certainly closer to being the Japanese BMW. It even has a slogan like BMW, except instead of “The ultimate driving machine” it’s more to the point, with a simple “Zoom Zoom”. I purchased my first Mazda vehicle, a white Mazda 6s with the V6 and a row your own gearbox just about a month ago, and I can say that the “Zoom Zoom” is quite apparent. For lack of better expression, it makes me want to insert one of these; =D

Back to the matter at hand, there is no question when it comes to the ability to tune and tweak Mazda’s. To exemplify this, Mazda has brought a handful of cars to SEMA. Meet the Mazda2 Evil Track, Mazda2 Street, MX-5 Super 20 twentieth anniversary car with a supercharged Cosworth engine, MX-5 cup car, which is a full spec race car, the turbocharged Mazda 3, and the Red Line Time Attack Mazda 3. For those of you who don’t know, the Red Line Time Attack Mazda 3 runs in the Super Modified class, and tops out at 180 mph on the straightaway. Not pictured here, but also present at the show is Mazda’s RX-8 Grand-Am GT car, which just finished its 2010 season, owning the competition by winning six of the twelve races.

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